Stocker - A Stock Quote Dashboard for JetBrains IDEs
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Stocker - A Stock Quote Dashboard for JetBrains IDEs


Stocker is a stock quote dashboard for JetBrains IDEs. Support A Share, H.K. Stocks and U.S. Stocks. It is featured as you can track realtime market conditions in JetBrains IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, PhpStorm and etc.


This is the real runtime effect inside IntelliJ IDEA:


Stocker is uploaded to JetBrains Plugins Marketplace, you can find it by searching Stocker.

Click install, and maybe restart you IDE, then done.


Add Stock Symbol

Click the + button or open the Find Action dialog (default via ⌘ + ⇧ + A on macOS) and input Stocker: Add Stock Code then type ⏎, a dialog will popup:

Choose the market from one of the list:

  • AShare
  • HKStocks
  • USStocks

Enter the stock symbol, for A-Share symbol, SH or SZ prefix is needed, SH000001 for example.

Click OK.

Delete Stock Symbol

To delete stock symbol(s), you can

  • click the - button
  • via Stocker: Remove Stock Code action
  • select one or multiple row(s) in table, right-click then choose Delete